Timetable WOA Bus Wacken 2018

Metaltravel Busses depart from airports and downtown bus terminals (located next to train stations in Lübeck), directly to the festival site entrance (bus terminal Wacken). Below you can find our complete schedule.

Impotant Notice:
For those guests, planning to head by Metal Travel Bus from the festival to Hamburg airport on Sunday 05th of August 2018 at 04.30am or later, we highly recommend to plan at least 4 hours between leaving the festival and scheduled departure time due to tight traffic!

  31.07. 01.08. 02.08. 05.08.  
ab       Wacken  
Hamburg Remedy 16.00h 10.00h 11.00h 09.00h
transfer time: 01.45h 18.00h 12.00h   10.00h
    15.00h 11.00h  
Hamburg Airport 11.30h 10.30h 10.30h 04.30h
transfer time: 01.45h 12.30h 11.30h 12.30h 05.00h
  14.30h 12.30h 14.30h 05.30h
  16.30h 13.30h   06.30h
  18.30h 14.30h 07.00h
  20.00h 15.30h   07.30h
    16.30h   08.30h
    18.30h   09.30h
    20.30h   10.30h
Berlin Airport TXL 14.30h 12.30h   10.30h  
transfer time: 06.00h     12.30h  
Berlin ZOB/ICC 14.00h 12.00h   10.30h  
transfer time: 06.00h     12.30h  




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