WOA 2016

  • Online booking for the hotel packages is closed,but we still have rooms on request at Hotel Gardels and Tryp Bad Bramstedt. Mail to gaby@mondialevents.de
  • Festivaltickets are still available in combination with bustickets or hotel rooms.Mail to gaby@mondialevents.de
  • Online booking for our busses from/to Hamburg Airport, Remedy Records and Berlin is open till 27.07.16. A few of the busses are already closed, but there are enough seats left on the other busses. Even on the closed busses restseats will be available at departure.

WOA 2016

Again available: beds in shared rooms at Hostel Albersdorf! Also: a few festival tickets are left to book with hostel or hotel.

Bustransfers zum WOA 2016

Bus transfers from/to Hamburg airport, Hamburg Remedy and Berlin directly to the WOA festival are available from Jan 12th 2016 on. If you have more questions, write an email to gaby@mondialevents.de.

WOA 2016 (Tickets)

There are no WOA Tickets left for sale, so from now on. Hotel packages are only available without tickets.

WOA 2016 (hotels) online

Finally it's possible to book our hotel packages online. For information,availability and prices check the hotel sections on the right hand side. If you have more questions, write an email to gaby@mondialevents.de.

Bus transfers from Hamburg and Berlin, will be online some time in January. For information check the bus section.

WOA 2016

The sales launch of the hotel packages and bus shuttles (from Hamburg and Berlin) delayed. Exact details will be announced. Information about our hotels and their prices are available on the right side menu under WOA hotel packages. Timetables are already available at Metal Travel Bus.

If you need further information please send an email to gaby@mondialevents.de.


WOA 2015 - final information

Bus Shuttles from Berlin, Hamburg Airport and Hamburg Remedy Records

Many shuttles are closed already, but what's left can be booked online till midnight 22 July. If you don't have a ticket, you can always try directly at the bus.If there are seats left, we do our best to get you on. At Hamburg Airport busses go very often, so chances are good. I will be there for check in. For the return shuttles on sunday from Wacken, we again have our sale at the bus stop in Wacken on 01 August (saturday) 12.00 - 14.00. More details for the departure locations see: http://www.metaltravel.de/?go=abfahrtsorte&lang=en

Hotel Packages

You can get into your rooms at most of the hotels around 14.00.No problem to check in earlier and get your booked festival tickets.
Bring your printed Voucher! You can leave your luggage at the reception, of course. At the hostel you can get in earlier and at Hotel Bess, please come 15.00 - 19.30, otherwise the reception might be closed. The shuttles to the festival start 30 July from Hostel and Hotel Bess at 12.00 and from Tryp and Gardels at 13.00. If you arrive at Tryp on that day, please make shure you are there ,before the shuttle leaves. The schedule for all the festival shuttles,you find on the bus pass you get,when you check in. If you need help there,we have friendly staff at the hotel. Your booked Festival Tickets, you also get at check in.You have to change these at the Festival fot the wrist bands and there you also get the Full Metal Bag. W-Lan at the hotels is free of charge, at the hostel you have 1 hour free. Getting there you find on the right hand side of metaltravel.de with appr. prices for trains and cabs.

For more information, please mail to: gaby@mondialevents.de
or during the festival mobile: 0173 9585742.

See you soon!



Bus Shuttles from Hamburg and Berlin!
Deadline for online booking 23.07.15!

Some of the busses are already closed and cannot be booked online anymore. If you don´t get the times you want,you can try directly at the bus,we see to get you a seat,if possible. Or you book the next one. For the return trips on 02.08. there will be again a sale on saturday 01.08. 12.00 - 14.00 in Wacken at the bus stop. Of course to make shure,it´s better to purchase the tickets online soon. Because of cancellations ,we still have a few hotel packages at Hotel Gardels with and without Wacken tickets available. Information at www.metaltravel.de and online booking booking.mondialevents.de.


Metal Travel Hotel Packages WOA 2015

Due to cancellations,online booking for Hotel Gardels in St. Michaelisdonn is open again. There are a few double rooms left. Also still available are doubles and singles at Hotel Tryp in Bad Bramstedt.


WOA 2015 tickets no vacancy

Hotel packages are available now only without tickets, as our quota is exhausted.


Bus transfers to WOA 2015

Online booking for bustransfers from/to Hamburg airport, Hamburg Remedy und Berlin directly to the festival is available on the 05th of January 2015.


WOA 2015

OnlineBooking for our hotel packages will be available 1st October. All the info you need about prices, etc, see on the right side under WOA packages. All the packages are available with or without tickets as long as our contingent lasts. If you have any questions, please contact me at gaby@mondialevents.de.

Shuttle busses from Hamburg and Berlin to the festival will be ready for online booking beginning of 2015. Schedule like 2014.


WOA 2014

For your information:
Hotel Mercure Bad Bramstedt changed the name a few months ago to Tryp by Wyndham Bad Bramstedt.
Adress,phone numbers etc. are still the same.
Some of our guests have older vouchers with Mercure on it, but they are still valid, of course!


Wacken 2016
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